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Calling All San Antonio Filmmakers!
Thanks to the 80/20 Foundation, for the first time ever
SAFILM-San Antonio Film Festival is offering $10,000 for the winners
of our newest category: "San Antonio, the City on the Rise."

We are looking for short films (30 seconds to 7 minutes long) that depict the urban renaissance of our beloved city and conveys "San Antonio is not what you think! The top 3 winning San Antonio filmmakers will receive a total of $10,000 for three cash prizes funded by the 80/20 Foundation as follows:
FIRST Place - $6,000
SECOND Place - $3,000
THIRD Place - $1,000

Films should be submitted through, which lists the official entry fee for each date. The schedule for submission deadlines are:

1. Nov 21, 2014 (Early bird)

2. Jan 23, 2015 (Regular )

3. Feb 20, 2015 (Late )

4. March 27, 2015 (Extended Late )

Please keep in mind these FIVE rules:

1. The film director(s) must be a current resident of San Antonio, TX, that has lived in the city for at least one year as of August 3, 2013.

2. The short film must emphasize the urban renaissance of San Antonio, TX.

3. The film must be a minimum of 30 seconds long and not exceed seven minutes.

4. Finalists agree to grant the Creative Commons License "Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International " (CC BY-ND 4.0). Please visit for more info.

5. To be eligible for this competition, all films must be premieres: first run - never screened (publicly or privately).

Please check out these articles which provide concrete examples of the big idea, "San Antonio is Not What You Think."

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